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Главная » Форум » Общение на разные темы » The American producer suffered from false accusations.

The American producer suffered from false accusations.  

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0 - 11:05 05.09.2023

Protests in the USA against - the judiciary,
the prosecutor's office and the Department
of Justice, which imprison innocent people.
They also sent producer Harvey Weinstein to
jail on trumped-up charges.

Long live freedom, long live peace and
freedom to Harvey Weinstein.

Freedom for Harvey
Weinstein, I, Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich,
ask the President of the United States to
help release the innocent - Harvey Weinstein.

We implore you to pay attention to this
situation, help to overturn the verdict,
reconsider the case and release the innocent
producer. Freedom to a wonderful man and
wonderful producer Harvey Weinstein.

A New York court has pronounced its verdict
on Weinstein, a 67-year-old Hollywood
producer who has made some of the world's
best films and won many Oscars for multi-hit
films that have made world cinema history.
He was sentenced on trumped-up charges to
23 years in prison for a crime he did not
commit anywhere.

Harvey Weinstein
was sentenced on March 11, 2020
to 23 years in prison. The history of false
accusations against Weinstein, false trials
were exposed, when charges are fabricated
everywhere against respectable people.
Other people in different parts of the world
were subjected to false accusations.

Harvey Weinstein was shocked and stunned
by the judicial terrors and false accusations,
on this women prostitutes received millions
of dollars.

Documents proving the innocence
of convicted Harvey Weinstein
constitute a whole package of documents
confirming his innocence.

Employees of the prosecutor's office and
courts in many countries of the world
work as Gestapo and SS men.
All charges against Harvey Weinstein
are contrived and specially
fabricated criminal cases.
All the women, after a few years,
made up a terrible accusation -
that they had been persecuted
by Harvey many years ago.
It's all a lie, it's all a fake from
the first to the last word.

All the women in the USA courts have
lied, their motives for false harassment were
accompanied by a desire to get as much
money as possible, they all made up about
their suffering, for the sake of money and
for this they accused the not - guilty producer -
Harvey Weinstein, so that he bankrupt,
so he was deprived of everything that he had.

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