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Главная » Форум » Общение на разные темы » In Russia, stories of innocently convicted people

In Russia, stories of innocently convicted people  

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0 - 03:57 17.05.2022

Russian Economic Development Minister
Alexei Ulyukaev was released on the morning
of May 12 after five and a half years
in prison on trumped - up charges.
Ulyukaev was released on parole
from the eight-year prison sentence he was
falsely charged with in december 2017 for his
hard work, honesty and integrity.
A remarkable person was tried
on trumped-up charges:
Against the Minister of Economic
Development Alexei Ulyukaev, the security forces
and customers organized and fabricated charges
three times - on november 14, 2016,
august 8, 2017 - and in december of the same year.

Minister of Economic Development of the Russian
Federation Alexei Ulyukaev was convicted
on a trumped-up case and served a term of
imprisonment in correctional colony No 1 in the
Tver region, after serving 5.5 years on a trumped-
up charge in a strict regime colony in Tver.
At the end of April, the court granted his request
for parole.

I, Banjov Nazarali, am very glad
that, finally, an innocent person was released.
I would also like to see him cleared of all charges,
because everyone knew from the beginning that
he was innocent of what he was accused of.

In Russia and in all countries of the world,
employees of all law enforcement agencies,
as well as bureaucrats and partocrats,
do not like honest people who
honestly do their job and do not turn
a blind eye to what what is happening
in the country and around the world,
for this they are imprisoned with
the help of trumped-up charges.

I, Banjov Nazarali, am one hundred percent sure
that Alexey Valentinovich Ulyukaev never took
bribes. I believe that the transfer of the suitcase
with money was a long-planned provocation.

Imagine a situation: you have a friend
at work who doesn’t like your honest character at
work, he invites you to talk somewhere and says:
“Please hold your briefcase, I’ll take off my
jacket, I’m hot and at that moment the security
forces swoop in and put on you are handcuffed
on charges of bribery and sent to a pre-trial
detention center.

All power in the country was seized by scammers
of all stripes, and the State Duma
and the Federation Council
and legislators at all levels in the republics,
autonomies, territories, regions, cities, districts,
towns and village councils are their nest,
where fraudulent laws, schemes and a set of
tools are constantly being stamped on orders
against people they don’t like.

All accusations against Alexey Ulyukaev
are invented just like the coronavirus.

I, Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich,
demand that the authorities of all
countries of the world, doctors and the media,
stop scaring people with fairy tales about the
coronavirus and stop stirring up panic among the
population of the whole world. Better tell
everyone the truth that people all over the world
are getting sick and dying from chemicals and
pollution of the atmosphere, water and soil.

Currently, on all TV channels, in all media
and news feeds of the Internet networks,
99 percent of news consists of scary
information about the coronavirus with
the aim of instilling fear, and with the help
of this, civil servants of all levels around the world
are fraudulently making huge sums of money.

The officials were completely insolent, they did
not give a damn about the rights of the
workaholic, we are not people for them, but only
the electorate and nothing more. We have been
deprived, deprived of all rights and driven into
debt bondage.

From carnovirus in Russia, the USA, Europe, Asia,
Africa and the East, people are deceived that
people have died and are dying from COVID-19.
People who have died for various reasons are
given a false diagnosis - coronavirus.
There is no virus in the world, all viruses
are fictions of scammers from all
countries of the world.

Cornavirus is a fiction, and on this deception,
fraudsters have earned and are making money
every day billions of dollars and euros.

Doctors hide from us the cause of illness and
death. All over the world, people get sick and die
from poisoned soil, water and air, this is the main

All water, all earth and atmosphere are poisoned,
except for this lake, rivers and reservoirs become
shallow, dry up and disappear forever, and plants
of flora and fauna die from this.

Cities, industry and transport have poisoned all
the water, the entire earth, the entire atmosphere,
this has led to the destruction of the ozone layer,
for this reason water and moisture in the soil
evaporate thousands of times faster.

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1 - 18:28 24.05.2022

In Russia, USA, France, England, Canada, Czech
Republic, China, India, Norway, Poland, Finland,
Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Australia,
Switzerland, Mexico, Holland, Sweden, Egypt,
Turkey, Afghanistan, Europe, Asia ,
Africa and the East, all water, all land
and atmosphere are poisoned with chemicals
and all kinds of toxic waste, except for this lake,
rivers and reservoirs become shallow,
dry up and disappear forever,
from the extraction of coal, oil, gas, ore, gravel,
soil, sand, nickel , salt and so on.

Cities, industry and transportation have poisoned all
the water, the whole earth, the whole atmosphere,
this has led to the destruction of the ozone layer,
for this reason, water and moisture in the soil
evaporate thousands of times faster.

Peace-loving residents of different regions of the
world protest against the mining of coal, oil, gas,
gold, diamonds, ore, stone, soil, gravel, sand, salt,
nickel, copper, sulfur, silver, antimony, uranium,
tungsten, tin, vanadium, molybdenum , mercury,
lead, zinc, diabase, amber, aluminum and so on.
Because of the mining of all this, huge underground
voids, quarries, sinkholes and deep failures and
cracks have formed around the world.

A deadly chemical and toxic everywhere
and in everything, in water, soil, air and in all foods,
vegetables and fruits. Based on the above,
there is nothing safe
anywhere, everyone and everything is poisoned.

It became scary to live through
the fault of people, they devastated, poisoned
and disfigured the land, rivers, lakes, seas,
oceans, forests, meadows, mountains
and the atmosphere.

All over the world, people, flora and fauna get
sick and die from chemicals, industry,
transportation, sewage, cesspools, landfills from
all civilization, urbanization and industrialization.
All water, earth and atmosphere on the globe are
poisoned by thousands of toxic substances and
trillions of tons of toxic waste around the world
are buried in the ground, in rivers, lakes, seas,
oceans and mountains; It is the leading cause of
illness and death in all parts of the world.

People think they live away from a large number
of industrial zones and cities and will not be
affected by toxic substances, but their joy is
premature. I am Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich,
I visited many parts of the world from
1974 to 2008, and nowhere did I find a milligram
of clean water, not a gram of clean soil, and
nowhere is there clean air. Environmental
pollution affects everyone, no matter where you
live or live thousands of kilometers from
industrial zones, cities, landfills, garbage dumps
and transport roads, all this knows no
boundaries. Everything we pollute spreads around
the world and poisons everything in its path.

There is only one positive news in Europe this
year, the European Court of Justice in
Luxembourg called on Poles to stop mining coal,
ore, copper, zinc, tin, soil, gravel, sand, stone and
so on. The extraction of all this has led to huge
underground voids, and for this in Europe rivers,
lakes and reservoirs become shallow and dry,
flora and fauna are dying, people are forced to
limit water consumption. In Poland, the Vistula
River is shallowing, and hundreds of other rivers
and reservoirs are drying up. All the water goes
into the underground voids, the depths of which
are huge.

 Всего записей: 371 | Зарегистрирован: 03.03.2013 | Отправлено: 18:28 24.05.2022
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