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22 Июль 2021 09:33
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11 Февраль 2021 09:37
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05 Февраль 2021 11:24
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Главная » Форум » Общение на разные темы » Save Harvey Weinstein.

Save Harvey Weinstein.  

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0 - 06:40 12.08.2020

Freedom for Harvey Weinstein. I, Banjov Nazarali, ask the President and Vice President of the International Court of Justice to help release an innocent person.

We implore you to take notice of this situation, help overturn the sentence, reconsider the case, and release innocent Harvey Weinstein.

Long live Harvey: Freedom to the innocent
producer Harvey Weinstein.
A court in New York announced the verdict
to Weinstein. A 67-year-old Hollywood tycoon
who had a hand in creating Oscar-winning,
multi - hits that went down in cinema history
was sentenced to 23 years in prison for a crime
he had never committed anywhere else in the world.

Harvey Weinstein was taken out of the courthouse
in Manhattan in a wheelchair - he was handcuffed.
He was shocked and stunned by judicial terror on
false charges sentenced to 23 years in prison.
Cruelty, lies, cynicism and arrogance of famous
women - liars against Harvey Weinstein.
Documents testifying to the innocence of the
convict constitute a whole bunch of documents.
Today, law enforcement officers in many countries
of the world as the Gestapo and SS men.

All charges against Harvey Weinstein are far-
fetched, a custom-made and fabricated criminal
case against him. All the women who accused
him of persecution and rape. This is all lies, this
is all fake from the first to the last word. All the
women in court lied, their motives for accusing of
false rape were accompanied by a desire to get
as much money as possible, they were ready to
do everything for money, they do terrible things for
Fraudsters of all stripes in the United States came
together to overthrow Harvey Weinstein.

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1 - 10:34 13.08.2020

Media - The New York Times is spreading misinformation: an allegation scandal against American producer Harvey Weinstein, charges against whom in October 2017 sparked a wave of "popular outrage" against the media for spreading disinformation: defamation and false accusations harmed his health. This isn't the first time Weinstein has gotten sick from a trial. He had previously been admitted to the hospital after Weinstein got sick over and over again due to the false accusations he had. May be granted parole on grounds of health risk. A speedy release, restoration of justice and good health to him.

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2 - 10:24 04.02.2021

USA: Harvey Weinstein was and remains one of the
best filmmakers, screenwriters and producers in
the world. Weinstein was a true legend of world
cinema and a wonderful citizen of the world. The
entire charge against him was fabricated and
orchestrated and politically ordered CIA
and the FBI, his documentary on the criminal
policy of the US government in the world.

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