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Главная » Форум » Общение на разные темы » Greta Thunberg and Bandzhov Nazarali for saving Nature from humanity.

Greta Thunberg and Bandzhov Nazarali for saving Nature from humanity.  

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0 - 19:45 05.10.2019

Greta Tunberg and Bandzhov Nazarali are real conservationists. There are very few good people in the world who live for the peace and for the mother - Nature. Greta Tunberg, protector of the whole world: together we fight for the salvation of mother - Nature.

The activity of mankind is the most destructive in the world, it occurs all over the world from the extraction of oil, coal, gas, ore, salt, diamonds, gold, sand, soil and much more. Earth, water and air are poisoned all over the world, clean water and clean air have already become scarce and there is nothing clean at all - nowhere else in the world do they suffer from this all over the world.

This petition must stop and stop the production of coal, oil, gas, ore, diamonds, gold, salt, soil, gravel, sand, stone and much more. Save and save Nature, as the global destruction of Nature is becoming an increasingly serious problem for the whole world.

We must all live according to the laws of Nature - the main commandment of the world.

Human civilization, industrialization and urbanization lead to the mass extinction of all life in the world. Chemicals affect everything living in the world, as well as infect air, terrain, buildings, water, various objects and materials, making them unsuitable for use and dangerous in collision with them.

Humanity destroys all life in the whole world. All of them are poisoned: poisoned water, earth, air and the destruction of the ozone layer of the atmosphere are one of the main problems of the whole world. If people continue in the same vein, everyone will die from the catastrophe that man made with his own hands.

Environmental issues that the United States, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Canada, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan Indonesia, Jordan, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain and all countries of the world. Mining companies and the mining industry have turned the whole world into a huge quarry and underground void, this is a real hell for the whole world.

Nature's pollution all over the world all diseases from oil, gas, coal, iron ore, sewage, garbage, cities, industry and transport. Global climate change around the world: drought, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis - all this happens around the world.

Save the planet, admire the beauty of nature and save the world from environmental disaster.

Emissions of toxic chemicals, exhaust gases, poisoned air, water, ozone depletion and catastrophic global climate change around the world.

Environmental pollution is one of the most acute problems in the world. The monstrous behavior of mankind is a disaster in the world.
Tragic events around the world have led to environmental disasters.

Save the planet of nature, save the Earth: The environmentalists held a series of protests against the extraction of oil, gas, coal and much more.

Residents of different parts of the world urge all people around the world to permanently stop the extraction of soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal. ore, oil, gas and much more: So save the world from a global environmental disaster.

All over the world, all diseases and cancers, in particular those
related to oil, gas, coal, landfills, the sewer network and all industrialization and urbanization: they carry all the poisoning and destruction of the living environment of all living things in the world.

We are a child of nature and we are all dependent on mother Earth, and it’s better to start taking care of mother nature. I think that you, like me, you live for the peace and salvation of mother Earth. I ask you, please spread my call, which is expressed with a heavy heart and with tears in my eyes, because through the fault of mankind the Earth is collapsing and all living beings die all over the world.

I call on all mankind, the whole world to stop and imagine a scene of floods and drought: then everything will die painfully: Therefore, it is urgent to stop the extraction of soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal. ore, oil, gas and much more.

In all countries of the world there are serious problems of environmental pollution, this happens when cities, factories, transport, sewage, landfills and much more pollute air, water and land. Harmful substances around the world mix and the mixture spreads around the world in the wind and falls back to the earth.

Industrialization and urbanization have led global climate change to disaster throughout the world. Save nature and stop mining oil, gas, coal, soil, gravel, sand, stone, salt, coal. ore. gold, diamonds and much more: In this way, we can all prevent a global environmental catastrophe.

There is no difference between us and other animal plants - we are all children of the Earth and we are all one family. And the whole world must live in accordance with the laws of mother nature to save Mother - Nature from environmental disaster.

Pollution (Land, Air and Water Pollution):

Exxon Valdez oil spill:

Ecology of the earth:

Profit Pollution and Deception BP and the Oil Spill BBC Documentary:

Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs & Pepper Spray:

Environmental problems of the Earth!:

Tar Sands Oil Extraction - The Dirty Truth:

The Exxon Valdez oil spill (Full Documentary):

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1 - 09:20 06.10.2019

Environmental pollution in Russia and around the world is terrible.

People everywhere poison the air, water, soil with toxic substances: The pollution and destruction of Nature is one of the main problems of the whole world: if people continue to live in the same spirit, we are approaching a global catastrophe: from which there is no salvation nowhere else in the world.

 Всего записей: 124 | Зарегистрирован: 03.03.2013 | Отправлено: 09:20 06.10.2019
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