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Главная » Форум » Общение на разные темы » I ask the example of the Minister of Pakistan for peace.

I ask the example of the Minister of Pakistan for peace.  

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0 - 07:52 13.11.2018

I, Bandjov Nazarali Holnazarovich respect all the peoples of the world and therefore I appeal to you: Dear, Imran Khan, The recent acquittal of Asia Bibi in the case of her unjust blasphemy conviction has encouraged the hearts of millions of people around the world. The perseverance of this Christian woman, who has been imprisoned for so many years, is an example to many believers. But as you know, the worst is yet to come. Her and her family’s lives are in grave danger as the Tehreek-e-Labbaik party and its supporters are not willing to accept the court ruling. Only you can ensure that Asia Bibi and her family are able to freely leave the country. Only you can ensure that the necessary security measures are taken to safeguard their lives until then. Remember that there are millions of people counting on you, praying that you will do the right thing in this situation. Please protect the lives of this Christian woman and her family. Step up and set an example for the entire world.

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1 - 07:53 13.11.2018

I ask the example of the Minister of Pakistan to give people the opportunity to leave the country.

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